About Us

Psychology, as a science, has been changed dramatically in the past few decades evolving into a complex discipline with a broad range of subdisciplines and specialties. However, understanding of psychology and psychologist has not changed so much in public mostly referring and restricted to clinical psychologist whose specialization is on mental health problems and psychotherapy. Therefore the definition of psychology is now more important than ever. “Psychology is the study of the mental states and processes in order to understand the basic mechanisms and functions of perception, cognition, emotion, and attitudes that guide behavior both at individual and social levels.” Since psychology covers a broad set of subjects that overlap with a number of disciplines from biological to social it is an interdisciplinary and integrated science.

As a newly established psychology department, we look forward to a promising future that incorporates current integrated and "hub science" vision that enhance our research and instructional potential as well as opportunities that we offer to our students. In our curriculum, psychology major students gain an advance understanding of subfields and also a strong scientific and research basis and related skills that prepare them both for practicing their knowledge and skills in a variety of professional contexts and for their graduate work in psychology and other related disciplines.