Message from head of the department

"If you are looking at here you must be thinking of studying psychology. Well, then you should ask 'Why should I prefer TEDU for my psychology major'. 

TEDU Psychology is a brand new department. Although it is a newly established department, the quality of education was warranted by 87-year history and values of Turkish Education Association (TED) and TED University’s mission and vision. All these assets support the department’s future plans and hopes. 

TEDU Psychology approaches to teaching as a learner-centered and active process; and uses innovative teaching methods and curricula. This curriculum and teaching strategies not only give you robust psychology knowledge, but also a learning environment that you can develop yourself in many aspects. Also you will acquire some qualities that can provide you advantages in your future career. 

Psychology major program at TEDU provides,

basic knowledge of psychology, psychological literacy in terms of personal and social facts, strong knowledge of method and statistics, basic practice skills and opportunities to concentrate on diverse subfields of psychology and to develop a deep understanding and skills related to that specific field. Beside lectures, as being compatible with the learning goals, students also participate in seminars and discussions; are involve in projects, workshops and research; prepare and present reports, and make their own projects under supervision. As a result, being an active agent in all of these academic activities they become self-motivated learners, take responsibility of their personal and professional development, and gain some competencies for working individually as well as collaboratively."

Prof. Dr. Melike SAYIL