Teaching and Learning

“The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different idea of the things we know best.”
Paul Valery

In line with the educational goals of the TED University in general, Department of Psychology incorporates student centered and interactive learning methods into its educational strategy. Within this strategy, students take active role and responsibility in their education participating in research, planned group work and discussions and also preparing projects and presentations, and making on cite observations. In the curriculum, first year common core courses offer students the opportunity to establish a strong scientific basis across the natural and biological sciences and to develop basic academic skills. In the second year, compulsory courses provide a foundation of core knowledge covering the major areas of psychology, and of research methods and statistics that psychologists use. Students are also offered variety of elective courses and an opportunity to concentrate on some sub-fields of psychology like experimental, developmental, social, industrial/organizational, and clinical. Although psychology bachelor program does not provide specialization in any area of psychology, students graduate having a psychological literacy, practical and theoretical knowledge base and in-depth research skills. In addition to the departmental courses, our students are able to select various courses offered by other departments. Furthermore, throughout the 4-year academic period, students have opportunity to do minor from a different field depending on their own preference and interest without extra credit load.